camila lobos diaz

My work, mainly three-dimensional, aims to make the socio-political context visible, exploring the relationship between power and visibility.


I make installations and sculptures that deal with the dichotomy of visibility. I understand the phenomenon of becoming visible as a conjunction of time and space, but mostly as a very fragile moment. I use different kinds of materials such as, smoke, plants, glass, clear resins and diverse sources of light, because of its fragility.


Through my practice I explore how art makes visible those elements, which the dynamics of power moves out of our range of view. I understand my works as gestures that reveal the space and its particular conditions. From this emerges the interdependence between them and the space that surrounds them. I address interactions between space and human relationships (micropolitics). My practice works with the idea of context as a symbolic space, where projects are not simply placed but from where they also emerge.


My current research is developed in the intersection between art and human geography. Extrapolating my previous research around periphery, marginality and invisibility into global processes linked to migration, power centres and costs of progress in less developed countries.


I am interested in the frontier as a concept and borders as materiality. I am currently developing a visual and conceptual research on the ideas of homeland, nation, and territory. I assess these throughout the deconstruction and resignification of existing national symbols (i.e. “Geofencing”, “Territory”, “Domain” y “All the countries that I know, or a story of celebration and decay”).